Each of us started out “on a wing and a prayer” with our own small design firms and home décor boutiques many moons ago.  In 2009 we met and joined forces to develop MACK Home (MACK from our initials, Marnie Clayton and Anna Kemper). At the time we didn’t know one another very well, but, lucky for us, we got along swimmingly - so much so that we thought it a great idea to open a 5,000 square foot store, as well as to merge our design firms, all in about 8 weeks.  The rest is our story.

Our design aesthetic informed a space where the customer can find “one of a kind” and artisan quality pieces, as well as what we call “a look for a price” – high style selections with a price tag that is gentle on the pocket book.  We are here to help you find the perfect gift, a fresh new accent for your home, or to create a carefully curated design plan for your entire space.  We believe in the livable room, organic accents, clean lines, a little funk here and there, an adventurous mix of materials, textures, periods, and lighting that wows – all in the service of creating an environment of glamour, comfort, style and ease.  Whether shopping with MACK Home or designing with us, we invite you to join in our passion for great design.

Anna Kemper & Marnie Clayton